Berlin: The City as Portrait


Students spent seventeen days photographing and experiencing Berlin, one the world’s most vibrant and thriving art centers. This limited-enrollment class was led by Just Loomis (BFA 80 Photography), former assistant to Helmut Newton. Loomis has taught numerous workshops and exhibited extensively in Berlin; and students had access to his network of curators, gallerists and colleagues.

Highlights included gallery/studio visits, a behind-the-scenes tour of the world-renowned Newton Foundation and walking tours with local artists, who articulated their own authentic and personal understanding of the neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Mitte.

In addition to this structured time, students were encouraged to independently discover the city through their own portraiture, architecture and socio-political photography to inform a final series of images capturing particular area of interest and investigation.

Interview with Instructor Just Loomis

How would you describe this class to prospective students?

This class is an immersive study abroad class in Berlin using contemporary photography as the basis for investigation, production and research. It is a project-based class that requires diligent photographic inquiry into a specific aspect of Berlin life and/or culture.

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