Leica: Women Foto Project


As part of the Leica Women Foto Project, Leica Camera USA is seeking three U.S. photographers to receive an award to support a personal project that is relevant to today’s social and political climate. The mission of the Leica Women Foto Project is to educate, encourage and empower photographers to demonstrate the importance and impact of a woman’s point of view. The award serves as a catalyst to reframe how we see, how we think, and how we express our visual narrative.

Applicants will be reviewed on the basis of quality of photography, dedication to the medium of photography, sophistication of project, as expressed through the female perspective with narratives that broaden perspectives, ideas and conversations on today’s social climate.

Each member of the Panel will individually score each submission using the following criteria: 

  1. Category 1: Quality of Photography

  2. Category 2: Dedication to the Medium of Photography

  3. Category 3: Sophistication of project

Call for entries begins today and closes on August 29, 2019. Recipients of the award will be announced via e-mail and/or telephone on or about October 16, 2019.  

All applicants must agree to the Official Award Rules prior to submission. 

View the Official Award Rules here.