Mullenlowe Social Photographer Position

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Mullenlowe is seeking an Social Photographer, specifically car and lifestyle, to join their Los Angeles Creative team.

We're a culture of makers; we make stuff better, smarter, innovative, and more effective. You should be organized, able to multi-task, a wiz behind the lens, master of the Adobe landscape, a stellar eye for detail, color and digitally savvy.

Yes, this is a social driven role. But we are looking for someone who crosses disciplines, but understands their lane too. This is not a role where you will be given free reign, this role is for someone who can work productively and harmoniously with the Social Team their Creative Director, Creative Technologists, and Producers - all of whom share the responsibility on the project.

Specific assignments will include video production, social media campaigns, photography, photo retouching and design. Experience in these areas is required.

We look for people who can listen to the needs of the project and pull up their boot straps and work. Not someone who needs to be told what to do over and over again.

In addition to being a radical human behind the lens. We are looking for someone who can shoot film, design and edit. This is crucial for our deliverables. We do not just post still images but utilize each social space for what they have to offer and where they are going in their dependent platforms.

Send us your portfolio. It should be heavily focused on cars and lifestyle. It is paramount that this role is filled by only a person who understand the balance of the aperture and the shutter speed.


- 3-6 years of experience as a professional photographer.
- Expertise with Adobe Suite.
- Experience with user flows.
- Experience with social landscapes.
- Please submit a link to your work when applying.

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