Paid Summer Internship at Giant Artists


The purpose of the internship role is to gain knowledge of the operations of a photography agency which include artist management and marketing strategies. You will contribute to the Giant Artists team by managing daily tasks which include general office administration, data management, image collection, and portfolio management. Commitment to successfully completing your internship with Giant Artists enhances your ability to secure a meaningful role in the commercial arts industry.


1. The intern will create a career blueprint at the beginning of the internship program to further define their goal and career aspirations.

2. Gain a deeper understanding of the business of a photography agency and how to market photographers

3. Learn the sales and estimating process from the Sr. Reps.

4. Create internship presentation by the end of the 3-month program of what they learned and share their final career blueprint with the Giant team.


1. Visual Communications

a. Editing (Website, Portfolio)

i. Learn how to create a visual flow of images and compose a client-ready portfolio
ii. Cleaning and assembly of portfolios

b. Image management and collection
c. Create compelling visual outreach and marketing (onesheets, promos, newsletters, etc)

2. Business Development

a. How to build promotional materials

i. Assembly of onesheets and pdfs

b. Create meaningful messaging
c. Understanding who are the key roles in art production
d. Prospecting Skills

i. Learning how to use the following tools for prospecting:

1. Lebook
2. LinkedIn
3. Adbase

ii. Researching new brands and agencies in different markets
iii. Researching competitive photo agencies and photographers

1. Who are they shooting for?
2. Which agencies are they working with?


1. Proficiency at using Google Docs
2. Proficiency in using excel, numbers and Google Sheets
3. Understanding of Social Media management platforms
4. Learn and achieve a strong working knowledge of CRM software
5. Learn and achieve a strong working knowledge of prospecting and research tools


General Office Admin

● Organization and Filing projects
● Shredding documents
● Facilitation with mailing promotional pieces - i.e. packaging envelopes and creating mailing labels
● Office errands as needed

Business Development / Marketing

● Prospecting:

○ Intern will provide a document to the business development manager at the end of each week.
○ Intern will research 5 new brands and 5 new creative agencies a week

■ Categories: Beauty, Tech, Travel, Entertainment, International Magazines

○ Intern will research at least 1 competing photo agency a week and the advertising campaigns photographers are working on

● Research and update contact records from email bounce backs
● Entering in key contacts from call sheets of booked jobs
● Support with large mailing list spreadsheets
● Research and provide a report of newsletter, website and Google Analytics to present to the team for the weekly meeting
● Industry Events and Outings

○ Spend at least 15-30 minutes each week to research local industry events and gallery shows

Visual Communications

● Intern will help with outreach for image collection and update spreadsheet accordingly
● Intern will help facilitate social media workflow for platforms such as:

○ Instagram
○ Twitter
○ Facebook
○ tumblr

● Portfolio Management

○ General upkeep: cleaning portfolio pages, recycling old prints
○ Packing pelican cases for portfolio shows and meetings

● Interns may also get the opportunity to possibly visit on set of particular shoots our artists are working on.
● Intern will create a blueprint for their website, portfolio and promo to be reviewed with Alexa
● Learn about editing process for website and portfolios, one sheet/pdf outreach


1. The person in this role will be required to work at least 3 days per week for a 3-month period. Schedule can be flexible and any changes must be discussed with the owner of the company prior.

2. Hours of operation are 10:00am to 4:00pm (6 hours total) with a 30-minute break each day of work. Upon discussion with the candidate, Giant Artists requests a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday work schedule.

3. Intern will coordinate daily check-in with the team at the beginning and end of each day.

4. Intern will use intern Slack channel to communicate to employees in the office regarding tasks and questions about said tasks.

5. Giant Artists will provide a laptop for office use. The intern will not take the computer home for any reason and will lock it in the office by the end of each day.

6. All personal calls and texts are to be conducted outside the office to not disrupt the office.

7. Compensation: $12/hr - invoice to to be provided by intern detailing dates and amount of hours worked in the office.

Giant Artists is a women-owned production and management company based in Los Angeles and New York. They represent a mix of emerging and established photographers and directors, including Art Streiber.

*If you would like to apply for this position, please send an email to