Denhart Sustainability Scholarship Prize 2019

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Art and design fostering environmental responsibility & commitment to social good.


The ability of natural and man-made systems to sustain themselves and flourish is the great challenge of our time. Art and design sit at the nexus of these systems and create the connections that give us shelter, mobility, communication, comfort, and quality of life. How artists and designers make those connections—between materials and functions, cultures and technology, ecosystems and commerce, well-being and stewardship—is the key to our shared future.


In response to this charge, ArtCenter College of Design, together with the Denhart Family, has created the Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize to:

1.  Raise awareness across campus of sustainability and its relevance to art and design

2.  Assist the College in becoming a leader in sustainability and comprehensive design

3.  Create a competition to recognize, encourage and support exceptional undergraduate students whose research and/or projects prioritize environmental, social and/or economic sustainability.

The Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize supports the College's developing curriculum in comprehensive design and will foster in students, faculty and staff recognition of environmental responsibility and a commitment to social good.


The Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize consists of three prizes, awarded annually:

•       1st Place Prize-$15,000

•       2nd Place Prize-$10,000

•       3rd Place Prize - $5,000

Prizes shall be distributed as scholarship funds applied directly to the winning students' accounts at ArtCenter and must be applied to tuition within one year after receiving the award. Denhart Prize funds are applied to tuition only, therefore students in their final term are not eligible.

Deadline: By 5:00 PM, Friday, February 08, 2019:


To be considered for the Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize students shall complete an application. Students from all undergraduate disciplines with active enrollment status are eligible to apply. Students who have filed for an official Leave of Absence are also eligible to apply for a Denhart Prize. After reviewing applications, a selection committee will identify semi-finalists. These students will be asked to provide additional information.


The winners will demonstrate the most impactful concepts and/or projects that promote and innovate in the areas of social, environmental and/or economic sustainability. Students will be judged on their abilities to present new, exciting, holistic steps forward for art and design.

Concepts and work may be in the field of art, design, communication, systems programs or initiatives. They may range from a carefully considered idea to a fully realized project, and must be conveyed in an compelling and thoughtful way. At its core the work should speak to the principles of sustainable development by addressing the needs and aspirations of present generations, while recognizing the earth on whom future generations depend.

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