In the 21st century, the development of unprecedented avenues of communication, innovative research, and advances in hardware, software and media have impacted nearly every traditional means of image production and distribution. Photography continues to be the driver of many of these technological and perceptual changes in politics, culture, the marketplace and global conditions. As a result, image makers today are challenged to be more technically capable, conceptually knowledgeable, professionally confident, ethically responsible and culturally aware than ever before.

Within a rich transdisciplinary educational environment, the Photography and Imaging Department is taking photographers into the future. Our strong relationships with industry, long tradition of integrating photography with other design disciplines, and deep experience designing new technologies and applying creative solutions to social impact problems have opened professional doors for countless graduates.

Photo by Carson Lynn, Class of 2015

Photo by Carson Lynn, Class of 2015

ArtCenter offers an intimate and intense atmosphere of study that challenges assumptions about our medium, nurtures and promotes originality, and encourages individualized practice in student work, whether your goal is to become a commercial photographer, an artist, or both. Here, you learn to apply the tools of photography—traditional and digital—in a specific and personal investigation of cultural conditions or questions. Our program stresses conceptual development and social awareness aligned with the integration of professional technique and strategies, in the development of a dynamic career in image making.

Images are the new global documents. They represent a new literacy and currency of this time, and will continue to be the most essential component of compelling stories in a world with an insatiable need to be informed.


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